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For countertops, granite is a formidable material for kitchen, bathrooms or any other area of home. Granite is perfectly durable material. It means that its surface will not tarnish away with passage of time. Granite is not only durable but also it gives long lasting shiny appearance to home as well. Granite has always been popular in industry. And it will stay popular because of unparallel characteristics. Granite is considered a countertop material for lifetime. There is no need to change it once it has been installed.

Types of granite

We have all of below mentioned types of marble in our store located in Islamabad. • Tiled Granite • Modular Granite • Slab Granite


Many people don’t want to install white countertops because they think white countertops will look plain and featureless. In fact, this is not true when it comes to white granite countertops. White granite has the ability to integrate other colors which enhances the interest of residing members. Furthermore, white granite looks increasingly aesthetic when mixed with wooden material.


beige is little bit similar to white color but it is more welcoming and soothing. Beige when mixed with gray, black and brown then can provide some great experience. Beige is often used for creating classical and traditional look of home.


black is a very powerful color for creating a solid statement of design in your home. Granite is potent material for reflecting light. When light drops on granite it makes sensational sparkles. Sparkles are even more evident when black countertops granite has been used.

Top Quality Granite

We have top quality granite at our store in Islamabad. With many years of experience in granite industry, we are expert in creating outstanding kitchen and bathroom countertops. Our secret lies in combining of traditional skills with technological innovation to deliver quality granite products and exemplary services at our store in Islamabad.